Monday, 18 October 2010

Mermaids & Fairies

Ever since purchasing Doreen Virtue's Magical Mermaid and Dolphin cards I've been kinda obsessed with Mermaids.  They're one of those things that even though deep down in the bottom of your logical mind you know couldn't be real, there's still a tiny piece of you that really really hopes they are.  Same with fairies...I've always been obsessed with them and will continue to talk to them in my garden regardless.

So the joy was pulsing in my twisted fins when I found this fabulous artist Hannah Lynn  We even share a second name, its truly divine guidance!  I went ahead and bought 2 of her cameo necklaces made with her artwork.  One for me, and the other for a Christmas present. For me, my favourite character of the bunch has to be Gypsy Pirate Mermaid.  I'll keep the other one I bought a secret in case the recipient of the the present reads this blog, I don't want to ruin the surprise.

My Gypsy Pirate Mermaid, Isn't she badass?

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