Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Bright Eyes album - The People's Key

Conor says it will be:  "A science-fiction-inspired exploration of time, existence and humanity".
This is going to be the best record ever made, by anyone.

Read the full interview:  Here

Non, je ne regrette rien

Things I do not regret about 2010.

I do not regret spending hours on my computer plotting my destiny.
I do not regret eating all that chocolate, I didn't have a man this year so what's a girl to do?
I do not regret being single.  Drama free year.
I do not regret booking that trip to Bali.  I may be paying it off for years to come but boy will it be worth it.
I do not regret staying in this yawnworthy job for another year - it's provided me with funds to go on fabulous holidays and buy expensive dolls.
I do not regret doing my best to stay positive despite how drab life can get.